Share Files Securely

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Share Files Securely

Emailing files may not be the most secured option. With our secured transfer service, your files are protected and secured. These are some of the benefits sharing files with us.

  • Share secured personal files.
  • Encryption protocols
  • No virus and no ads

Share your files with confidence knowing we will not expose your files to viruses or modifications of any type. Legal, Financial and Health documents are one of our most protected documents. Some of the documents may contain Sensative Personal Information, that is why its important that when you send these files, they are secured and safe and only get to the recipients you have selected.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower people to share documents with most advanced security systems available without any interference.

Our Plan

We plan to exist as a secured option for individuals who are concerned about exposing their data and protecting the information in their critically important documents.


We have designed an effective and secured process for sharing personal, legal, financial, health and other critically important documents.

Frequenty Asked Questions

  • Currently, we are offering this service for free at no charge for the first 2 documents.

  • You can securely share your documents with the person you select. You will need to provide their full name and contact information during the registration process.

  • There is a limit of time the files remain in our servers. After 48 hours, if the files are not claimed by the intended recipient, the documents will be permanetly deleted and cannot be dowloaded. Additionally, if the recipient passes the authentication procress, the documents will be deleted from our server after download has completed. Recipient may download your documents only once before deletion.

  • To share files securely, click on the start button on this page. You will need to provide your contact information. Once the information has been validated, you will be able to upload the documents to share. After the registration process has completed, the recipient will received a notification with instructions on how to download the secured files.